Employee Benefits

Far East National Bank (FENB) offers each of its full-time employees a comprehensive employee benefit's package. Our programs are designed to meet the varying needs of our employees and include a wide array of benefits such as health care, insurance and 401(K) plans.

Health Care Plan: FENB offers a choice of PPO and HMO plans with comprehensive health benefit packages that includes health preventive care, drug prescriptions, dental, and vision care.

Insurance: We provide Basic Life Insurance, Basic Accidental Death & Disbursement Insurance, and Long-Term Disability Insurance.

401(K) Tax Deferred Savings Plan: FENB's 401(k) Plan is designed to help employees meet their financial needs during their retirement years. Employees can contribute up to the maximum annual tax-defferal amount permitted by tax laws. FENB will make matching contributions to the plan equal to 50% of your Employee 401(k) Contributions, but not in excess of 6% of your 401(k) contribution. For example, if employee’s 401(k) contribution is 4%, FENB will match 2%. If employee’s 401(k) contribution is 10%, FENB will match 3%. The plan allows employees to choose any combination of 26 investment alternatives.

Additional benefits:

  • Vacations
  • Occasional sick leaves
  • Special leaves - personal time off, funeral, jury duty, military, maternity/paternity
  • On-going training program
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Far East National Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities.