FENB's Automated Clearing House (ACH) product empowers all types of corporations and organizations, large and small, to make deposits or collect payments electronically while utilizing a personal computer located in your office. Realize greater operating efficiencies in treasury, accounts receivable, and accounts payable with this modern collection and payment method.


  • ACH offers quick, accurate, secure payment and collection of funds.
  • Fully menu-driven system includes specific HELP screens.
  • Repetitive transactions can be stored, reducing key input.
  • Provides an IMPORT utility for easy conversions from other ACH applications.
  • New transactions can be easily added to the database.
  • Control operator access through a series of passwords and authorization levels.
  • Provides reports and detailed summary on all transactions.

Your benefits:

  • Transactions are quick, secure, and fully controlled by you.
  • Enables you to maximize your return on cash assets.
  • One-day availability of funds so you can anticipate your overall cash position for investment opportunities.
  • Comprehensive and flexible security features.
  • Easy to learn and use from the first day of implementation.
  • ACH Transactions can be sent to FENB via data transmission.
  • Save time and effort in research by maintaining on-site records of all transactions.
  • Does not require expensive dedicated hardware.